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Joh Griggs from Better Homes and Gardnes visits Leigh Matthews and his wife Deb at their Balmoral home in Brisbane. Olivia Newton John_01 Skater Steven Bradbury with wife Amanda and new twins Flyn and Eryn at their Brisbane home. NI30676 - Swimming legend Dawn Fraser has moved from her beloved Balmain in Sydney for a  New Idea shoot with Denise Drysdale on the Gold Coast. 0212 charlie brownl 0303 cappers NI22762 - Allan and Barbara Pease with their 2 children Brandon 2 and Bella 6 weeks at their Buderim home on the Sunshine Coast. Australian Cricket Team Members, August 2010. Joh Griggs from Better Homes and Gardnes visits Leigh Matthews and his wife Deb at their Balmoral home in Brisbane. NI31695 - Bob Irwin at home with Judy at their wildlife conservation property near Kingaroy. NI27567 - Bob Irwin talks about the plight some rare breed of turtle, and shows why they need controlled breeding. bradbury wedding 110 Brandon Walters, star of the film ‘Australia’ takes a swim with the dolphins on the Gold Coast. Brendon McCarroll Brittany Broben Catrina Roundtree Channel 9 2013 NRL & Footy Show Publicity Photography Craig Lowndes 1 CIN 00015929 - Craig Lowdnes and his family, Natalie (wife) Levi and Chilli at their Mt Kilroy home North of Brisbane. Cricket Team NI44175 - Former Sydney Swans great, Daryn Cresswell and girlfriend Joanne Foster on the Gold Coast, to go with a story from Leigh Reinhold Deb Webber Debra Messing CIN00024306 - Derek and Sally Boyer's Fiji Wedding. CIN00021981 - Dick Johnson and Family at his Gold Coast home. DSC_8688 Elle FoxSports Brisbane George Negus Grace Knight Heath Ledger Rugby League international James Tamou, and his athlete de facto Brittney McGlone
 with their 2 sons Brooklyn 2 yo and Barklay 10 weeks old at their Townsville home in North Queensland. Jennifer Hawkins at Foxtel Robina Jessicah Schipper Joe Labero NI 38854 - Jon English at his home in Coffs Harbour. Ky hurst Lee Kernaghan Lincoln Lewis Matt and Tom from the Matthew Hayden Dec 2014 NI33449 - Photography of Mercedes Corby and her family, Husband Wayan and their 3 children Wayan, Nyeleigh and Nyoman on the Gold Coast Mick Doohan at his home on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Mike Goldman Nov 2014 Nathalie Dechy Noni Hazlehurst Robert Downey Jr

Professional celebrity photography and sports stars photography

I have many years’ experience and enjoyment working with and photographing celebrities and sports stars of all genres, so getting star struck is something that is not going to happen!

I don’t do paparazzi! I’m invited to photograph people who need or want to be photographed for magazines, publicity, special purpose or just for the fun of it!

Portraits of well know people often need to show a sense of intimacy, transparency, and believability, a side of them not seen before.

Photography - Gold Coast - Celebrity & Sports Stars Photography

Context can play a big part in creating the image that tells more about the subject. I have the versatility to adapt to virtually any environment, situation, or location for the perfect photo shoot.
Whatever feeling or scene that needs to be captured, I can create this in my photography. I am based on the Gold Coast, which makes me a perfect choice when you need a celebrity photographer in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

About celebrity photography

Celebrities and sports stars are usually time poor and it takes skill and understanding to produce a shoot that is stress free and gets the shoot done with a minimum of fuss for them. These are situations I am well experienced in and experienced in handling.

About sports stars photography

My experience makes me the perfect choice for creating photography for publicity images, magazines or for online images. Sports photography often requires a still image to imply and evoke movement and action.

I have the experience in photographing and working with a vast range of top celebrities and sports stars. You’ll see from my portfolio that I have worked with celebrities and sports stars to capture many different moods and emotions. From intimate moments and action shots through to portraits and candid moments.

Contact me for a chat about how I can bring out the exact look required for any sports star or celebrity. I am located on the Gold Coast and available for professional photography shoots Australia wide and even overseas.

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